What should one see in Sevastopol?

In conclusion, one should not forget that along with a new promising yacht marina “Royal pier” you will have a fantastic opportunity to enjoy all numerous, penetrated-with-history, captivating sights of a famous hero city of Sevastopol.

Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» The Monument to the Scuttled Warships

The Monument to the Scuttled Warships was erected in Sevastopol in 1905 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Defense of Sevastopol, when Russian sailing men of war were scuttled across the bay “to prevent hostile warships from entering the harbour and thus to save Sevastopol”. The Monument is erected on an artificial tiny island formed of roughly shaped granite lumps 75 ft. from shore line.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Primorsky Boulevard

Primorsky (Seaside) Boulevard is located in central part of the city on shores of Sevastopol Bay. Refined ensemble of Primorsky  Boulevard was formed historically and consists of interconnected and compositionally united parts, which were planned and renovated during different periods.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Memorial of Heroic Defense of Sevastopol 1941—1942

On Nakhimov Square, there is Memorial of Heroic Defense of Sevastopol in 1941—1942. Amemorial wall was constructed onNakhimov Squarein 1964, bearing 19 memorial plates with engraved names of Separate Coastal Army and the Black Sea Fleet troop units which had taken part in the defense.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Admiral Nakhimov Monument

The monument in memory to the Admiral Nakhimov (1802 — 1855) is located in the main square of downtown Sevastopol. The 6-meter bronze monument symbolizes the bravery and military valour of the Black Sea Fleet during the Crimean War.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Monument to Alexander Kazarsky 

Monument to Alexander Kazarsky is the first monument erected in Sevastopol. It represents a bronze trireme with inscription on its pedestal “To Kazarsky. As example for posterity”. Lieutenant-captain Kazarsky was commander of brig “Mercury”, which became the second ship after line-of-battle ship “Azov”, which was awarded Naval St. George Flag and pendant.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Monument to Soldier and Sailor

131 ft. high monument “Soldier and Sailor” represents a sculptural composition in honor of those who fought in the Great Patriotic War. It is one of the biggest monuments on the area of the former USSR.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Sapun Ridge 

Sapun Ridge (also known as Mount  Sapoune  or  Sapun Hill) was a key defense position in outskirts of Sevastopol during the Great Patriotic War. Severe battles were fought there against German Nazi occupants during the valorous Defense of Sevastopol in 1941—1942 and the Crimean offensive of 1944. The  name Sapun can be translated as “Soapy” Mount.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» The steam engine of the armored train “Zheleznyakov”

The steam engine of the armored train “Zheleznyakov” was installed in 1967 in memory of the armored train of the coast defense of the main base of the Black sea Fleet.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Pokrov (Theotokos Intercession) Cathedral

Pokrov Cathedral is the main Orthodox temple of Sevastopol. It is located in Bolshaya Morskaya (“Greater Marine”) Street and surely draws everyone’s attention by its marvelous architecture and its domes glittering in sun. Today Pokrov Cathedral is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Crimea.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» St. Nicholas Temple

Temple of St, Nicholas (Nikolaos of Myra or Nikolaos the Wonderworker) – is a unique pyramid-shaped temple, located on a high hillock in the middle of the Brotherhood Cemetery. It is the monument to heroic defenders of Sevastopol. In 2011 the Temple celebrates its 154th anniversary.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» St. George Monastery

St. George Monastery is a unique place of Cape Fiolent. According to a legend, it was founded in 981 A.D. by Greek sailors. Caught by a storm, these sailors were in a terrible shipwreck, and on seeing an inevitable death started to call Saint Great Martyr George for help. The Saint, after hearing their hearty cry, appeared on a big cliff near the shore and at once calmed the storm down.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» St. Paul and St. Peter Cathedral

St. Pauland and St. Peter Cathedral is located on the Central Hill of Sevastopol, and is adjacent to Sovetskaya Street. The Cathedral represents an iconic image of Russian classic architecture and is styled as ancient Theseus temple in Athens. This is unique monument of such kind in Crimea.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» St. Vladimir’s Admiralty Cathedral 

St. Vladimir’s Cathedral was laid on 15 July 1854 on the Central Hill of Sevastopol. During the Siege of 1854—1855, the construction was suspended and resumed only in 1858. The Cathedral is built in Byzantine style under design by professor of architecture. Konstantin Thon, the initial design was developed and changed by academician Aleksey Avdeev.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Chersonesus Taurica

Chersonesus Taurica is a polis founded by Greek colonists on Heraclea Peninsula on the south-western coast of Crimea. Today remains of ancient Chersonesus are located within Gagarin district of Sevastopol. For 2000 years Chersunesus  Taurica had been a great political, economical, and cultural center of the Northern Black Seacoasts.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» 35th Coastal Turret Battery

35th Coastal Turret Battery is one of the most fortified and most armed defense coastal fortifications of the Black Seaoutpost. The need for construction of such fortified batteries was obvious right after analyzing siege of Port-Arthur (1904) which took place during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904—1905.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Diorama “Storming of Sapun Ridge on 7 May1944”

Almost 4 miles from Sevastopol, on top of Sapun Ridge, near the glorious Obelisk of glory, there is a strict semi-circular building. Diorama “Storming of Sapun Ridge on 7 May 1944” featured the life-size pictures of people on the front for the first time in art.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Fort Michael

The Northern Side of Sevastopol Bay is fortified with two coastal batteries – Fort Michael and Fort Constantine. During the two sieges of Sevastopol these batteries defended the city. Since 2010 Fort Michael has been an edifice of Sevastopol Military and Naval Museum.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Museum of the Black Sea Fleet History

This museum was commenced as Museum of Sevastopol Defenseand was created under initiative of those who participated in the Defense of Sevastopol of 1854—1855. they donated many personal belongings, photographs, documents, memoirs of defense participants, collections of firearms and cold arms, engravings by famous artists.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» The Panorama “Defense of Sevastopol 1854—1855”

In central part of Historical Boulevard there stands the Panorama “Defense of Sevastopol 1854—1855” – the world-famous monument to national feat of arms, our national pride. One episode of the 349-day long Defense of Sevastopol is depicted there – the day when defenders repulsed the assault on 18 June 1855.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» The palace of youth and childhood

The building of the palace of youth and childhood is really a palace – of white Inkerman stone, decorated with columns, built in the style of neoclassicism with elements of modern.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier»

The Malakoff

The Malakoff is a strategic hill on Korabelnaya district of Sevastopol located to the south-east of city centre. The Malakoff is a world-wide famous site due to its valorous defense by Russian troops during the Siege of Sevastopol in 1854—1855 and by Soviet troops during the Second Siege of Sevastopol in 1941—1942 against German Nazi occupants.

Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Brotherhood cemetery

The Brotherhood cemetery is an Imperial Russian military cemetery in Sevastopol. The Brotherhood cemetery is a temporary burial place for Russian soldiers and officers who were killed during the first siege of Sevastopol.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Dolphinarium in Sevastopol 

Sevastopol  Dolphinarium  in Artillery Bay is an iconic image of Sevastopol.  Dolphinarium (Biological station) was founded in 1997 on Kornilov embankment, and it commenced it work in 2000.
Яхтенная марина «Royal pier» Water Park “Zurbagan”

Sevastopol water park «Zurbagan» is  located near the sea in a beautiful part of Sevastopol — in the area of Victory Park. In the “Zurbagan” you will have fun while riding down the toboggans, slides.

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